About Pamit Inc.

Pamit Inc. was officially incorporated as a company in the Province of Nova Scotia on 27 July 2010. Our office is located in Sydney on beautiful Cape Breton Island.

Our Idea

The idea to create the company was formed back in the beginning of 2010, the founders and owners are Jon Crump and Shane Maclean, who had a vision of creating a unique service within Canada to provide personalized printed-on-demand products that could be mailed directly to recipients. Initially we are selling greeting cards, because who doesn't enjoy getting a real card? In the future we plan to expand our product range with more personalizable innovative products.

The Founders

Jon and Shane each bring over twelve years of Information Technology experience to Pamit Inc.

Jon has worked for small businesses and global corporations developing software and ecommerce solutions. Jon is a newcomer to Nova Scotia, arriving in 2009 he loves to explore the province and all it has to offer, while documenting his trips with digital photography.

Shane has worked for small businesses, national firms and global corporations providing system administration and technical support as well as web application development. In addition to his IT experience, Shane also has a background in Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing.

Our Name

We spent a lot of time researching names and worked through alot of ideas until we settled on the name Pamit. Pamit means to us Print And Mail It. To our customers Pamit means Personalize And Mail It.

Our Goal

To become the most popular online personalized greeting card site in Canada by providing customers with the ability to personalize and mail high quality greeting cards to anyone they wish from the comfort of their home or office. For our designers, we will provide an online community where they can showcase their talents with their own line of greeting cards.

Go Live!

We launched our service in the fall of 2010, the website is open for orders at http://www.pamitcards.ca. New greeting card designs are added to the website every week and we continue to recruit new greeting card designers. As well as expanding our greeting card options we are introducing new products and new services.


Greeting cards

Our primary service is printing and mailing greeting cards and although we are set-up to easily handle single orders of greeting cards, we are also capable of handling volume orders of greeting cards including stuffing and sealing envelopes. We also offer Tim Hortons pre-paid gift cards which we can send with your greeting card.

Wedding Stationary

We also sell Wedding Invitations and RSVP's.

Business Cards

Check out our great range of Business card designs which you can customize.


If you need large quantities of envelopes printed, please contact us with envelope size and quantities required for a custom quote.

Website hosting and development

With our experience and resources available we can also offer your company web hosting and web site software development, please contact us to discuss your requirements.