Pamit Inc. is a privately held corporation. If you are interested in investing in our company, please contact us.

Through our online retail store we retail greeting cards to individual consumers and businesses. We offer a wide range of greeting cards designed by freelance greeting card designers from across Canada and the rest of the world. Our greeting cards can be personalized online and photos can be uploaded and added to the design, we also uniquely offer pre-paid greeting cards to make an ideal, easy to purchase gift.

Our service saves our customers time, they no longer have to visit a store searching for the right greeting card, now they can simply browse online, knowing that we will take care of the addressing and stamping the envelope and mailing the greeting card the same day (during the working week if ordered before 2pm AST).

Although we are based in Canada, we have customers from across the world who make use of our service to easily send greeting cards to friends and family in Canada. We don't just mail within Canada we can mail any greeting card across the world. In 2008 over 600 million greeting cards were sold within Canada alone, but as we have a global customer base we will grow our market share from across the world.

We have aggressive plans to introduce new products to expand our offerings from greeting cards and capitalize on the rapidly expanding digital photo product market, including prints, calendars, photo books and new and innovative products.

So to join us on this exciting opportunity please contact us.